Chainsaw Courses Overview


The Lower Ottawa Valley chapter of the Ontario Woodlot Association offers a series of chainsaw workshops, targeted progressively from beginners to certified operators.

Please note, as we are a 100% volunteer organization, resources are limited, so participants must supply their own chainsaw, and all PPE.

We currently offer the following workshops :

Safety, Maintenance and Sharpening

This course provides a detailed overview of the safe operation of a chainsaw. Also covered is safety equipment, general maintenance and sharpening.

For this course chainsaws, files, gloves, safety glasses are required.


This course provides hands on experience in the safe and efficient use of a chainsaw. 

In addition to above, safety boots, helmet, ear protection are necessary, chaps are recommended.

We offer the opportunity to take the Safety and Operations course on the same day.

Felling/Certified Chainsaw Operator Course

This course can provide professional certification for those persons interested in working in the forestry sector or related fields or those wishing to gain extensive hands-on experience in the woodlot. Please note if you wish Certification, it will be $40 extra for provincial registration, and we need prior notification.

We have been advised to inform applicants that if you intend on selling wood you have cut, for any reason, i.e. firewood, lumber etc., that that constitutes a retail operation, and requires you to hold Certification. 

In addition to above, safety boots, helmet, ear protection are necessary, chaps are recommended.

More details on each course can be found by following the links for each course above.

Also, please refer to the Course Registration and Cancellation Policy for important information.

All participants are expected to follow any Ontario Covid regulations in place at time of course.

For further details, availability and to register, check the Ontario Woodlot Event Calendar.