Chainsaw Course Registration and Refund Policy

Applicant member status and fee

A registrant for a chainsaw course must pay the fee that is applicable to his/her membership status at the time of application. No fee adjustments will be made after the Registration Form is submitted. If a registrant wishes to become an OWA member and benefit from the lower rate for courses, then the registrant must do so before submitting the course registration form Click here.


For cancellations initiated by the applicant, there will be a $10 dollar fee for all refunds to defray costs and administrative work. This applies even if the resulting vacancy is filled by a new applicant.

In the event that LOVC must cancel a course, the registrant will have two options :

  1. a full refund

  2. rescheduling to an alternate date

Please contact the course administrator identified on the course confirmation email to cancel a course.