Special offer – Woodlot Emergency Kits

In our sister chapter in Quinte, woodlot owners and Paramedics got together and created an Emergency Kit designed specifically for woodlot activities. It would be very reassuring to know to have the right kit to help save a life say in a chainsaw accident. The most important aspect is the treatment required between the accident and when the paramedics arrive.

I figure every ATV and vehicle should have one onboard.

The details of the kit are described in the 5 pages attached below.

We are very fortunate that our Provincial parent association the OWA, has offered the kits to all chapters thus we are able to pass along a special promotional price for the kits until November 30th. We will need a minimum commitment of 15 kits to benefit from the deal.

So the offer is extended to you, our chapter member to benefit from the special promotion by participating in this bulk buy. It will make a great Christmas gift as well.

If you want to participate, please send me a private message with your email address, or send an email to info@lov-owa.ca indicating the number of kits you want and you will be added to the list. As soon as we have enough for a bulk purchase, we will request payments and our treasurer will provide details for payments by cheque or electronically. We will then arrange a pickup or distribution of the kits etc. in due course.

Deadline for the purchases is November 30th. We’ll need to know numbers, i.e. your interest, a week before then (Nov 23rd.)